Premium Coal Ireland
Hayes Fuels supply only the highest quality fuels to locations across Ireland. View our current coal products range online.


Hayes Fuels import solid fuel from several mines worldwide, which produce premium coal. Although we ship into most major ports throughout Ireland our main processing facility is situated in Belfast Harbour Estate.

Here the coal goes through a washing and screening process to remove any impurities and is then graded according to size. This gives Hayes Fuels the advantage of being able to source our product direct from the mine and produce a product to meet customer demands.

Our product is packed through our state of the art palletising facility located in Belfast and at our Head Office premises in Dungannon.

Hayes Fuels can offer a full range of solid fuels to merchants and forecourts in various sizes, either in handy pre-pack form or packed for merchant delivery.

Hayes Fuels wholesale throughout Ireland and parts of the UK.

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